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Ball Valves

• Can be used for on and off service or throttling
• When positive shut-off is necessary
• Where a low valve profile is necessary
• Only 90° rotation from open to fully closed (quick opening)
• Handle position is a quick indication of whether valve is open or closed.
• full port ball valves do not resist flow

Butterfly Valves

• Use where positive shut-off is necessary
• Primarily for fully open or fully closed applications
• May be used for throttling
• Only 90° rotation from open to fully closed
• Lightweight
• Easy to install
• Less costly than an iron body gate valve

Gate Valves

• For fully open or fully closed service - not for throttling
• For minimum line pressure drop
• For minimum fluid entrapment in the line
• For relatively infrequent operation

Check Valves

• To control the direction of flow and for quick, automatic reactions to flow change. Swing check valves are used when a minimum resistance to flow is required.
• Swing check valves are recommended for use in conjunction with gate valves. They should not be used in a rapid recycling system such as reciprocating pumps or air compressor service where they could cause chatter and damaging vibration.

Globe Valves

• For regulation (throttling) of flow
• For frequent operation; short stem travel reduces operator's time
• Where some line resistance is acceptable