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"Push-In" tube fittings provide quick & easy connections with clear vinyl tubing, polyethylene tubing, polyurethane tubing, nylon tubing, teflon tubing, copper tubing, and other "soft" plastics or metals (for hard metals, such as stainless steel, the "SI" Series is available on special request). They are a simple alternative to copper welding or multiple parts in compression fittings, and they will provide a reliable, leak proof attachment. You simply push the fitting over the tubing and no tools are required. This will greatly reduce assembly time and labour costs. They can also be removed quickly and reused. The "PI" Standard Series are manufactured of grey acetal copolymer (nylon blend) with nitrile O-rings and stainless steel teeth (the "PM" Metric Series are black in colour). It is essential that the outside diameter of the tubing is within tolerance, free from score marks, and deburred before installing fittings. All types are FDA and NSF-51/61 certified and are therefore suitable for liquid foodstuffs.

For use with chemicals or other potentially aggressive liquids, please call for chemical compatibility; our "Push-In" tube fittings are NOT to be used with explosive gases, petroleum fluids, propane, natural gas, certain chemicals, radiant floor heating, or central heating systems.