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SAE J1273 specifies the recommended practices for hydraulic hose assemblies.  It includes information related to the fabrication of hose assemblies, conformance, safety, performance, installation, routing, and maintenance.  It should be noted that a hose assembly must be an ENGINEERED SYSTEM in order to be SAE compliant.  Just because a hose is stamped with an SAE specification, it doesn’t mean the hose ASSEMBLY is SAE conforming and safe for service.  Improper selection, fabrication, installation, or maintenance of hose assemblies may result in serious property damage, an explosion, injury, or death.

Key Points of SAE J1273: 

  • 6.0 Hose Assembly Fabrication - Persons fabricating hose assemblies should be trained in the proper use of equipment and materials.  The manufacturer assembly instructions and practices listed in SAE J1273 must be followed.  Properly assembled fittings are vital to the integrity of a hose assembly.
  • 6.2 Hose Fittings - Hose fitting components from one manufacturer are not usually compatible with fitting components supplied by another manufacturer.  For example, do not use a hose nipple from one manufacturer with a hose socket from another manufacturer.  It is the responsibility of the fabricator to consult the manufacturer’s written instructions or the manufacturer directly for proper information.
  • 6.3 Hose and Fitting Compatibility - Care must be taken to determine proper compatibility between the hose and fitting.  Base selection on the manufacturers’ recommendations substantiated by testing to industry standards such as SAE J517.  Hose from one manufacturer is not usually compatible with fittings from another.  Do not intermix hose and fittings from two manufacturers without written approval from both manufacturers.
  • 6.4 Hose Assembly Equipment - Assembly equipment from one manufacturer is usually not interchangeable with that from another manufacturer.  Hoses and fittings from one manufacturer should not generally be assembled with the equipment of another manufacturer.
  • 6.6 Reuse of Hose and Fittings - When fabricating hose assemblies, DO NOT reuse:  field-attachable fittings that have blown or pulled off hose; any part of hose fittings that were permanently crimped to hose; hose that has been in service after system checkout (after the initial testing).
  • 6.7 Cleanliness of Hose Assemblies - Hose assemblies may be contaminated during fabrication.  Clean hoses to specified cleanliness levels (see 5.13).

The complete standard can be ordered on-line at or contact our sales staff for further information on SAEJ1237.  Information on SAE J2593 “Installation of Fluid Conductors and Connectors” is also available.