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Our safety hose handles are an innovative tool designed to improve safety and efficiency for manual handling of hose and pipe.  Made from Long Glass Nylon HT Handles offer a high level of durability, impact and wear resistance and thermal insulation properties.  Ideal for applications where contact with contaminated materials needs to be avoided and where the safe and efficient handling and maneuvering of hose assemblies is desired.

HT Handles are found in applications such oil & gas, frac operations, petrochemical plants, tank truck, food processing, petroleum dispensing, vac trucks, agricultural and manufacturing.  Each Handle comes with a side handle grip that can be mounted either side of the main handle.  An additional round side handle grip can be added for more versatility.

HT Handle types can be used interchangeably with hose and pipe; however, the Hose Handle (HTH Series) have ¾” of adjustability with 320° of clamping allowing lifting of rigid or collapsible hose.  The Pipe Handle (HTP Series) has a full inch of adjustability and grips on 3 contact points across 230°, allowing for secure grip of rigid pipe or hose. 

Temperature: -40°C (-40°F) to +65°C (150°F)