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As an important part of the global economy and a major export product for our domestic economy, hydrocarbons and petrochemicals can be converted into...
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We service the construction industry with a wide range of products, from small hydraulic lines on excavators or water hoses on pumps to large concrete pumping...
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We are an invaluable resource for engineering firms in the support of design and specification of work relating to a diverse range of applications. We have provided...
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Forestry / Pulp & Paper

The products and economic benefits that flow from the forest industry are an integral part of our daily lives and the international economy.  Forestry and logging services...
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Mining / Exploration

New-Line supplies products that get used in global mining operations (surface mining and underground mining) right down to a local gravel quarry.  Mining is normally...
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In addition to our food grade hoses, we also carry a range of products that are used to help grow and cultivate crops, orchards, plants, animals, and fish.  Whether it be...
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From trains, to trucks, to ships, to airplanes, to cars, to buses, to recreation vehicles, and to space shuttles – there are hose and fittings used in the actual manufacturing..
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Food & Beverage

New-Line stocks food grade hose, fittings, and components that are used in wineries, breweries, food processing plants, beverage dispensing systems...
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New-Line stocks a range of hard-to-find, specialty tubing, compression fittings, push-in fittings, quick connects, clamps, supports, gauges, valves, and....
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Plants & Mills

We carry a range of hose, fittings, expansion joints, valves, clamps, and components used in power generation facilities, sewage treatment plants, consumer product...
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Oilfield & Natural Gas

Oil and natural gas are primarily composed of hydrocarbons, and extracting hydrocarbons requires sophisticated scientific techniques and expensive...
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