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Brand Names Supplied


At New-Line we view our Suppliers as an integral part of our business and understand if we are going to meet our goal of being a leader we must partner with the world's best manufacturers. Many of our suppliers have been part of our company since 1972 and all are part of an internal program where we are continually evaluating our supply chain to ensure our customers receive the best overall value.

Key Benefits of New-Line's Extensive Supplier Base

  • Quality Products & Competitive Prices
  • Global Recognition & Support
  • High Levels of Manufacturing Expertise
  • Organizational, Industry and Governmental Standards Approvals
  • Factory Engineering and Technical Support
  • Factory Training
  • Stable sources of supply
  • Stable pricing structures
  • Continual benchmarking with a focus on constant improvement

For complete information on our Brand Names Supplied please contact our customer service department, contact info.