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New-Line Feeback

  • Did you receive excellent customer service or did a New-Line staff member assist you in an outstanding way?
  • Did you have a positive or negative experience with New-Line, such as service level, product quality, product availability, or pricing?
  • Would you like to report a safety issue or unsafe event, a hose assembly failure, or an ethical concern or theft?
  • How would you rate New-Line sales or operations staff with regards to open communication, product knowledge, and efficacy of training?

Thank you for visiting our Feedback page!

We strongly value your opinions and comments. We love to hear positive feedback and about your great experiences. Moreover, your constructive criticism and negative feedback are equally important. They provide us with a better understanding, a different perspective, and opportunities to improve for next time.

Offering a high level of customer satisfaction in an engaging, friendly, and safe work environment is at the core of New-Line's mission.

Please Note: Your message is anonymous & confidential. We do not track who is submitting this form as we sincerely hope to receive the most honest and genuine feedback. By default you will not receive a response. If you would like one, you can provide your name and contact info and a staff member will reach out to you.