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Our Company & People

Company Overview

New-Line was established in 1972 as a specialized distributor of hose, fittings and accessories. Our products and specialized services are directed to an extensive customer base, such as Resale Distributors, Dealers, OEM and certain MRO customers in dozens of industries throughout North America. These industries include Automotive, Agriculture, Bio-tech, Construction, Environmental, Food Processing, Forestry, Fire Protection, HVAC, Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, Mechanical, Petro-Chemical Processing, Service, Transportation, Technology Sectors, and many others. We carry vital products for many key components – essentially “Industry Flows Through Us”.

We represent one of the most extensive hose & fitting inventories available in North America and offer many value-added services. Our products are sourced from industry leading manufacturers, such as Aeroquip and Continental. Whether you are looking for a heavy duty, critical application product or a simple, lighter duty commercial product, we carry it in stock.

Putting Our Customers First

New-Line is focused on YOUR success and has a mandate to exceed our customers' expectations through expedient, knowledgeable, convenient, and reliable customer service. We monitor and review our service levels daily to ensure our customers can put their mind at ease and be confident they are dealing with the best hose and fittings supplier. We are passionate about what we do!

Product Solutions

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty, critical application product or a simple, lighter duty commercial product, we carry it in stock. New-Line is committed to inventorying "The Right Product, For the Right Application, At the Right Price, and At the Right Time". Our extensive multi-million dollar inventory encompasses over 40,000 products for almost every application. Major product categories include:

  • Hose, Tubing and Ducting
  • Fittings, Couplings and Adapters
  • Valves, Gauges, FRL's and Other Components
  • Expansion Joints
  • Hose Reels
  • Custom Products

View our Products Overview Page for a more detailed listing and to view our Online Catalogue for further product information. If we don't already stock it, we can find what you are looking for!

Service Solutions

So you can focus on your business needs and core responsibilities, we provide many “Value-Added” innovations designed around specific needs. Examples of our Specialized Services include:

  • Knowledgeable Assistance & Recommendations
  • Same Day Order Fulfillment and quick responses
  • Application Audits & Surveys
  • Specialized/Custom Hose Assembly
  • Testing and Certification
  • Inventory Management
  • Detailed catalogue, product sheets, and informational tools
  • Consulting, Training and Support
  • Specialized Kitting and Packaging
  • Crimper and equipment placements and setups
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Mobile Hose Repair (available in certain regions)

View our Services Overview Page for a more detailed listing or view our Online Catalogue for further product information.

Quality Assurance

We source our materials and products globally from leading manufacturers that are compliant to industry standards such as: API, ISO, DIN, CGA, CE, FDA, 3A, NSF, RMA, SAE, EN, and many others. At New-Line, reliability and quality is imperative, not only as related to our products, but with our people, service and structure. Our key quality components include:

  • Commitment to Total Quality Management principles (TQM)
  • ISO compliant processes
  • Controlled Manufacturing Environment
  • Fully Documented Internal Procedures and Policies
  • Product Approvals and Standards
  • On-Going Personnel Training & Evaluation
  • Consistent, safe coupling standards
  • Benchmarking to ensure quality goals are met
  • Warranties against manufacturing defects


As a specialist in hose, fittings, and components, our modern facilities and processes are designed to provide you with what you want, when you want it. We are proud to offer extensive inventories, same day service, full coupling and assembly capabilities, and competent staff which are waiting to serve you. We also continually invest in new equipment and capital so we can meet tomorrow’s demands and order fulfillment. You can be confident and “outsource” your needs to our capable hands!


New-Line sources products from around the world and we can offer customers with affordable, tiered options depending on their requirements. If you need a cost effective product for a temporary, non-critical application then we can provide you with what you need, and if you need a long lasting, rugged product for a critical application then we are also ready to service you.

Our large volumes benefit our customers by providing them with quality products at competitive prices. We regularly review our material costs, labour rates, productivity rates, efficiencies, and selling prices so we can find the best balance in providing our customers with consistent, reliable pricing. We understand our customers needs to have competitive, consistent prices that don't bounce around every time you order!

Progressive Technology

To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of New-Line and its operations, we have invested in progressive state-of-the-art technology at all levels of our company:

  • Digital Nervous System to provide our people with the information and tools they need
  • Specialized Inventory Management and Logistics System
  • Fast and efficient Communication System to ensure customers needs are met
  • Downloadable or Digital Catalogues and Pricing
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Assembly Equipment for reliable products

With our focus on efficiency, in the future we will continue to seek better and more innovative ways of doing business to improve our overall operations and levels of customer service.

Environment & Safety

We pride ourselves on providing tools and educating our customers so they can make more informed decisions about what products to use and how to use them - thereby reducing waste and improving safety. Often hose and fittings are an overlooked component when transferring harmful or even potentially deadly products so we endorse the careful selection, maintenance, and use of all our products. See our Resource Overview Page for helpful tips and information. In our own operation, we reduce waste, recycle materials, utilize energy efficient equipment, and strive to reduce our environmental footprint. As for safety, we regularly review operations, perform site inspections, record any incidents and strive to eliminate any time-loss incidents.

The New-Line TEAM

We feel a key difference at New-Line is our people, as we've assembled a solid team and are always looking to improve in every way. New-Line employees are challenged with diverse job responsibilities and are rewarded for superior performance. Shared learning and opportunities through internal and external education help to create an innovative and progressive workplace based on creating value for our customers:

  • Formalized Training & Shared Learning
  • Knowledge Experts
  • Skilled people producing hose assemblies
  • Performance Based Reviews
  • Opportunity for Growth

At New-Line we want to earn the opportunity and responsibility of being your supplier of choice. Put our experience to work so you can focus on your business and put your mind at ease!

For more information regarding Our Company & People please contact our customer service department, contact info.