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Distributors & Dealers

A crucial step to building a successful wholesale organization and providing the highest level of value is to partner with the leading distributors in the industry. At New-Line we value quality, service and innovation. We strive to provide that value to all stakeholders - and that includes our distributors.

Contact us for your local New-Line Hose & Fittings distributor/dealer.


Partnerships and Store Opportunities

Interested in opening a store, mobile hose truck service operation, or a combination of a store and mobile operation?

New-Line can help you reach your goals and setup a fully functional, turnkey hose and fitting operation. We have the skills, experience, knowledge, products, equipment, support, and backbone to help give you the confidence of opening your own location rather than trying to do it “all-on-your-own”. There are many costs associated with opening and operating an independent business whereas a New-Line store gives you the opportunity of getting up to speed quickly and benefitting from a system, product line, and infrastructure already in place.

Whether you have industry experience or not, we can help train you and setup the framework to a successful operation – giving you the confidence, comfort and security needed to get going and prosper in the coming years. We can also help in identifying viable sites/locations, market potential, and securing additional banking arrangements for a startup operation rather than “on your own”. Once up and running, ongoing training, progress reporting, and timely financials will help steer the ship.

Depending on the city, region, or province/state – a variety of options for physical locations, mobile service truck operations, or a combination thereof are available. Physical locations can be setup with a good product mix and necessary equipment while mobile service truck operations provide opportunities for performing on-site hose re-fits, hose certification/testing, or 24/7 emergency hose repairs.

From training to the setup of warehousing, production, procurement, accounting, sales, marketing, on-line web presence & store, mobile services, computer system, and support network - you will be able geared up to run your operation and make quick, frontline decisions so you can service your customer base. As with any business, remember that it takes time, commitment, discipline, perseverance, a drive to succeed, and financial backing to make it a success. We have a competitive, extensive, quality product line, services, and supply base which will allow you to successfully grow in your marketplace.

If you are interested in learning more or discussing an opportunity (completely confidential), then please contact us at:

Email Opportunities

Justin Goller – VP Operations

Tel: 604-455-5400 Ext 140