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Quick Reference Posters

Our Quick reference posters will allow you to quickly and easily reference the parts you need to keep you moving!

Hydraulic Hose & Crimp (26"W x 40"H) - Part # MRK-0060

This quick reference poster shows the benefits of the Aeroquip TTC Crimp and 3-minute MatchMate system. It lists the easy to follow steps to making a fully SAE certified hydraulic hose assembly. Detailing our most common Aeroquip Hoses and their specifications it is truly a useful tool!

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Truck & Trailer (26"W x 40"H) - Part # MRK-0061

The newest addition to our poster lineup is our Truck & Trailer parts quick reference. With an already large selection of truck & trailer parts, we have expanded our product selection, including a complete line of shop and on-site service kits, gladhands, 5th wheel slider kits and an expanded range of HAB air brake assemblies.

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Hydraulic Adapters (26"W x 40"H) - Part # MRK-0062

Do hydraulic adapters often have you stumped? Wondering if you can make the connection in a 1-piece configuration rather than several pieces? Ask us for a quick reference hydraulic adapter poster and solve the mystery! We have recently expanded our hydraulic adapter offering and coupled with competitive pricing, deep inventories and lots of hard to find items we can be your trusted source!

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Valves (26"W x 40"H) - Part # MRK-0063

This quick reference features a diverse range of valves including industrial and hydraulic ball valves, check valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, and more!

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