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Terms & Conditions

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is at the heart of everything we do!  If you are not satisfied with a product or our service please let us know and we will work to make it right! If needed reach out to a member of our Management Team, we’re here to help! 

We do not have a hard minimum order value and 95% of our Standard Products can be ordered in a basic increments. Small orders are costly for the Customer and New-Line to process, we ask our Express Store Counter Customers to aim for orders of $25 minimum (ideally $100+) or more and our Wholesale Distributor Customers a minimum of $150 (ideally $500+) as a general guideline. 

We can accept orders on-line at, on the new-line app, by email, phone, fax, up-loadable spreadsheet, at our Express Stores, via On-Site Mobile Hose Service, and through a Sales & Service Rep at your place of business.  To help reduce costs and the chance of error we ask that Customers ideally order by our part numbers and when possible place orders in an electronic format.  95% of Standard Orders received by noon are ready for shipping same day.  If you have expedited or specific shipping needs let our Team know as we can help! 

Prices published in our catalogue are Retail List Prices and approved accounts receive additional discounts. Our Distributors are required to establish their own selling prices and are under no obligation by New-Line to sell at specific prices.  Every effort is made to maintain highly competitive and consistent prices, we endeavor to provide a minimum of 30 day notice for a price change, however, prices are subject to change without notice.  Prices do not include Sales Taxes, we are authorized to collect certain Sales Taxes which will be shown on our invoice. In some cases Local Sales Taxes must be self-assessed and remitted by the Customer to the local tax authorities. 

Orders are EXW / FOB New-Line. Care is taken in our packaging and checking of our orders with a double check system.  In the event of a shortage or incorrect goods please contact us within 8 hours of receipt. It is important to thoroughly inspect shipments when they arrive as goods in transit are the responsibility of the receiving party.  Any evidence of damage to the original shipping packaging or the product must be reported by the Customer directly on the freight bill and a claim made directly with the delivering carrier.  With regards to delays, New-Line will strive to meet shipping timeframes, but shall not be liable in damages for, nor deemed to be in default of any failure or delay in shipment of all or in part caused by fire, flood, strikes, lockouts, accident, war, act of God, government order, interruption of shortage of materials or transportation facilities, or any other cause beyond its control. 

Standard Products purchased within 30 days can be returned for credit or refund with a nominal return handling fee of a minimum of 15% / $20, and refunded based on original payment method. Standard products returned within 30-90 days are returnable for credit on account only with a minimum return handling fee of 20% / $20. IMPORTANT:  All returns must be pre-approved by New-Line, please contact a Customer Service Rep to start a return.  Returns must be shipped prepaid and returned to the ORIGINAL New-Line location shipped from. Due to product reliability and quality standards, all returns must meet our “as factory new” receiving quality control standards, including but not limited to brand new quality, original packaging, and current design. 

Non-Returnable Products include: All Non-standard products such as: customized, made-to-order, cut-to-length, assembled hose, assembled fittings or components, special order product or special quantities, non-stock, opened pack, obsolete, discontinued, final sale, damaged, used or soiled product. All charges such as services, labour, freight and any purchases made longer than 6 months previous, or returns greater than 10% of customer’s annual purchases in quantity and/or greater than the value of 5% of annual purchases in value are Non-Returnable. 

Special Orders
: Non-Standard Products & Special Orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable and in certain instances Special Orders require a deposit payment to commence production. Details will be communicated by a member of our team. 

We offer our Corporate domestic Customers two types of accounts setup for billing & payment in Canadian or US Funds 1) Credit Card/Cash Account where payment is made by Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Cash at the time of purchase. 2) Open Terms Accounts with minimum annual purchases of $5,000 receive Net 30 Day Terms with payment by EFT Electronic Funds Transfer or Company Cheque, (Credit Cards are not accepted on Wholesale Open Terms Accounts).  Invoices & statements are provided by email to reduce waste and cost – these savings are passed on to our Customers.  Global export accounts require full payment in advance by Wire Transfer.  Personal cheques are NOT accepted.  Accounts are placed on credit hold when amounts reach past due or credit limit is exceeded. Past due accounts are subject to 2.0% per month (24% per annum) interest.  $50 fee applied to NSF cheques. 

Through our manufacturers, most products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship (normally limited to the repair or replacement of the product as deemed by the manufacturer) for a period of 30 days to 1 year depending on the manufacturer.  The actual Manufacturer’s Warranty for each specific product applies. There are no guarantees for any specific length of time or measure of service due to many external factors that can adversely affect the durability of hose or any product. Failure to follow the actual manufacturer’s recommended selection, assembly, installation, use, maintenance and certain product limitations could lead to a product failure resulting in property damage, serious injury, or death.  New-Line Products Ltd. shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever.  New-Line gives no warranty with regard to the Products, and there is no warranty with regard to any Product other than the warranty, if any, provided by the manufacturer of each individual Product. No other warranty, either expressed or implied, written or verbal, is hereby provided, and all other warranties, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed. 

New-Line does not couple, assemble, or repair hoses directly for use inside aircrafts, automotive or light truck applications. Furthermore, our Field Hose Technicians are not mechanics certified to troubleshoot or repair individual pieces of equipment. 

We have invested significant resources in the creation and maintenance of our industry leading catalogues, literature, website, posters and other materials - absolutely no reproduction in whole or in part (including images, text, specifications, charts, etc.) without the written authorized consent of New-Line. Every effort has been made to provide accurate, current information, however, all product specifications, design, dimensions, have been provided by our manufacturers along with pricing and other contents which are subject to change without prior notice. 

To provide you with service while doing business with us we will collect information that can be used to identify you and your company including name, phone, email, physical and network addresses, payment methods, and other such data. This data maybe used to assist in recognizing you in using our webstore, placing orders/quotes, and to communicate with you regarding our products or services in the normal course of doing business together.  We will not sell your information to a third party. We will only share limited information with a 3rd party partner where required to service or communicate with you in the normal course of doing business such as with our technology provider platforms, certain manufacturers and where required by law.