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Quality Assurance & Safety

We source our materials and products globally from leading manufacturers that are compliant to industry standards such as: API, ISO, DIN, CGA, CE, FDA, 3A, NSF, RMA, SAE, EN and many more! At New-Line, reliability and quality is imperative, not only as related to our products, but with our people, service and structure.


Our Key Quality Components Include:

  • Committed to Total Quality Management principles
  • ISO compliant processes
  • Controlled Manufacturing Environment
  • Fully Documented Internal Procedures and Policies
  • Product Approvals and Standards
  • On-Going Personnel Training & Evaluation
  • Constant Operational Reviews
  • Benchmarking to ensure quality goals are met
  • Warranties against manufacturing defects

For complete information on our Quality Assurance & Safety standards please contact our customer service department, contact info.