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Flow capacities of hose assemblies at suggested flow velocities

The chart below is designed and provided as an aid in the determination of the correct hose size. Example: At 13 U.S. gallons per minute, what is proper hose size within the suggested velocity range for pressure lines? Solution: Locate 13 U.S. gallons per minute in the left hand column and 10 feet per second in the right hand column (the center of the suggested velocity range for pressure lines). Lay a straightedge across the two points. The inside diameter is shown in the center column nearest the straight edge.

For suction hose, follow the same procedure except use suggested velocity range for pump inlet lines in the right hand column.

Based on Formula:

AREA (SQ. IN.) = (G.P.M. x 0.3208) / (VELOCITY (FT./SEC.))

* Suggestions are for oils having a maximum viscosity of 315 S.S.U. at +100°F (+38°C) and operating at temperatures between +65°F and +155°F (+54°C to +69°C). Under certain conditions, velocities in pressure lines can be increased up to 25 feet per second. Contact us with specific information on your application. To convert U.S. gallons into Imperial gallons multiply U.S. gallons by 0.83267. Imperial gallons into U.S. gallons multiply Imperial gallons by 1.20095. U.S. gallons to litres multiply by 3.785. Litres to U.S. gallons, multiply by 0.2642.