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What is the correct drip rate setting?

The drip rate will depend on the application, the amount of lubrication required, the flow through the lubricator and the lubricator type. In Micro-Fog lubricators only 10% of the droplets in the sight dome are carried downstream. The drip rate in Micro-Fog lubricators therefore tends to be much higher. The following table can be used to estimate drip rate for required flow. This is very much a rule of thumb. In practice it is necessary to fine tune the oil drip rate in each application.

Typical Drip Rate per Minute
Typical Drip Rate per
Approximate Flow
SCFM (dm3/s)
20 2 10 (5)
40 4 20 (10
60 6 30 (15)
80 8 40 (20)
100 10 50 (25)
120 12 60 (30)

Can the drip rate be shut off?

In lubricators with needle valve type sight dome, yes.
Some Norgren sight domes use a felt pad which is soaked in oil at the point where the drops are formed. With this type of sight dome the oil droplets cease once the felt pad dries out. With the new style dome (L72/73/74 and L07) complete shut off is not possible. Minimum adjustment for the drip rate is around 1 drop per minute.