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Problem Possible Cause Fix
Regulator creep (increase in
secondary pressure due to leak
from primary)
Dirty or cut valve elastomers.
Nick in valve seat.
Replace or clean valve. If body
or valve seat is damaged it can
be replaced on some models.
On others replacement of
complete regulator is required.
Won’t relieve secondary
Non-relieving diaphragm
If this feature is required,
replace with relieving type
diaphragm assembly.
Won’t reach desired pressure Regulating spring with low
spring rate.
Use regulating spring with
spring rate designed to cover
desired range.
Excessive leak from relief hole Damaged relief seat. Ruptured
Replace diaphragm assembly.
Leakage past valve causing
secondary to increase
somewhat and open relief seat.
Replace or clean valve.
Regulator chatter A resonant condition is
only encountered under a
certain set of conditions of flow
and pressure and then only
in some applications in which
regulator couples with other
system components.
Replace spring with a higher
pressure range spring.
Replace with a piston type
regulator since they have less
tendency to chatter.
Regulator difficult to adjust Adjusting screw or knob
locking device in locked
Pull to unlock knob and adjust;
push knob to lock.
Threaded adjusting screws:
loosen lock nut, remove
adjusting screw, clean thread
and lubricate.
Contaminants in adjusting
screw threads.
Place some lubricant on tip of