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Brewery Hose & Tri Clamp Fittings

Specialized in the beer transfer industry select below to shop our stainless fittings, beer hose, stainless clamps, washdown products, and hose bridges. The most popular fittings are Tri Clamp, and DIN, which we have stock on today!
Brewery Hose Tri Clamp Fittings
Tri Clamp Valves Sanitary Gauges
Sanitary Washdown Accessories
Hose Reels
Sanitary Hose Donut Stainless Clamps

Beer Tube & Hose - Commercial Brewery Grade

New-Line stocks food grade hose, fittings, and components that are used in breweries. The components used in these applications cannot contaminate or impact the taste or quality of the product being conveyed – so very high quality, tightly controlled compounds must be used in manufacturing the hose, fitting, or component. We recommend using brand names with proven, reliable track records and ease of traceability. Depending on the application, some of these products will meet FDA, NSF, USDA, or Sanitary 3A standards. We carry a range of special sanitary fittings and stainless steel valves and components. For cleanup and washdown applications, we also carry specialty high temperature washdown hoses, nozzles, and steam stations.

Beer Fittings & Adapters - Commercial Brewery Grade

These are designed for various food hose applications, including the processing of beer products. Our goal is to keep you moving, so if you see other fittings that we should add to our lineup then just let us know! The most popular is Tri Clamp Fittings, also known as Tri Clover Clamp.

Hose Reels

Hose reels keep work areas neat, organized, and safe while prolonging the life of hose assemblies. We offer many quality, low maintenance, reasonably priced hose reels from sizes 3/16" to 2" and pressures up to 5000psi. They are designed for frequent service of air, water, oil, grease, welding, fumes, pest control, or washdown in various plants, shops and industrial areas (materials used in reels must be compatible with the environment and product being conveyed, DO NOT use standard reels in corrosive or salt water environments). We can supply them with a spring rewind, air/electric motor, or with a simple manual crank. Hose assemblies (inlet and outlet) are mainly sold separately and typically installed once the reel has been mounted into position (depending on weight/ mounting options).

Brewery Hose Donuts & Bridges

Our black rubber bridges are relatively new additions to our product lineup and have proven to be an effective means of protecting hoses or cables - at a reasonable price!

Bolt and Gear Clamps

We stock thousand and thousands of various clamps for any application! In recent years there is more of a drive for consistent, safe, secure, repeatable hose assemblies so less applications involve traditional worm gear, screw, or bolt clamps as more modern crimping and permanent, mechanical attaching methods are used. We recommend using stainless steel clamps in brewery applications.

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