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Black Push-To-Connect Tube Fittings - Imperial Tubing - 935

These "one-touch" Tube Fittings are designed for air/pneumatic systems up to a maximum of 150 psi and 29.5 in/Hg vacuum. This series is NOT for use with any other types of gas or liquids, and NOT for use in DOT air brakes or in air breathing apparatus. They are suitable for use with polyurethane, nylon, and polyethylene tubing. They have nickel plated brass and lightweight composite bodies and can be installed/removed easily (remove tubing by pressing the sleeve); however their internal collet/teeth may be deformed during install so they are not designed for repetitive re-use. The male threaded ends "swivel/rotate" for ease of installation in confined spaces, however once pressurized the swivel may become more difficult to move as the O-ring compresses in the body (they are not necessarily a high frequency live swivel like a Rotary Joint). Also available in stainless steel upon request (Prefix PTS). Temperature range: 0°C (+32°F) to +60°C (+140°F).