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New-Line HD Bolt Clamp Stainless and Plated - 307

With the introduction of generic bolt clamps to our market, we now have a lower cost option to the traditional N75/N77 Mikalor Brand Clamps. They are suitable for a wide range of agricultural, marine, industrial, and OEM applications where a heavy duty clamp is preferred over lighter duty gear or T-bolt clamps (not designed for use on silicone hose, refer to spring loaded clamps). Their special bolts are designed to withstand higher tensions (thread lock fluid can be used to prevent bolts from vibrating loose) and the thick band has bevelled edges to prevent possible damage to the cover of the hose. It is good practice to check for tightness at regular intervals while in service. As a general guide with most bolt-style clamps, use 1 clamp per hose end for sizes up to 1-1/2", 2 clamps for 2"-4", 3 clamps for 5"-6", and 4 clamps for larger sizes.