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Dry & Liquid Process, Pressure, and Vacuum Gauges

The below pressure gauges are used to measure air, water, and oil in general duty applications and meet ANSI/ASME Grade 1A requirements. We stock either the standard "dry" model or the "liquid filled" style. The liquid filled are waterproof and are typically used in applications subject to moisture, vibration, or pulsation. Our dry gauges have a black steel casing with brass internals and our liquid filled have a 304 stainless steel case, glass lens, brass internals, and glycerin liquid fill (silicone filled is recommended for applications where there's higher temperatures or prolonged exposure to UV). The glycerin (standard liquid) filled are rated for -10°C (-14°F) to +65°C (150°F) and the dry gauges are rated for-40°C (-40°F) to +65°C (150°F). We recommend the use of our N602/603 Pressure Snubbers with all gauges to prevent clogging and reduce the damage caused by surges and care must be used when applying pipe dope so it does not come into contact with the fluid or it can plug the pin hole at the gauge threads. Other configurations are available upon request. Note: Liquid gauges should be "burped" when installed.

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