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Aviation Fuelling & Jac Riser Hose (Petroleum) - PTA

These hoses are used for the fueling and defueling of commercial or private aircraft where a safe, reliable, proven hose is to be used. They are resistant to jet fuel A & B as well as other high aromatic aviation gasoline (meets EI Bulletin 1529 and NFPA Bulletin 407 standards). The thick cover is resistant to ozone, oils, gouging, abrasion, and weathering. These hoses do not have an internal static wire, but they do have a static dissipating rubber cover (when fuelling airplanes, always use a separate grounding cable as per EI standards). Coupled aviation hoses must be fully certified to API standards and timelines, and all aviation hoses are recommended to be replaced and disposed of at a maximum of 10 years after manufacturing date.