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Hydraulic Tube Supports, Clamps, Cushions - Complete Sets - 081

These tube support clamps are a convenient and reliable way for fastening tube, pipe and hose to a fixed point which will reduce system noise, vibration, and reduce damage caused by flex fatigue or surging - they are vital for long-term safety and performance of hydraulic systems (refer to the Technical Section at the back of this catalogue for proper hose routing instructions). The TC-CSS Light Series are "typically" used for application less than 1500psi and the TC-CHS- Heavy Series are used in applications greater than 1500psi. They can be attached either with a weld plate, rail nuts (they slide into channel iron) or just fastened to a threaded hole. As a general guide for hydraulic applications, supports should be placed every 3ft for 3/16" - 3/8" tubing OD sizes, 5ft for 1/2" - 7/8" OD sizes, or 7ft for 1" - 1-1/4" OD sizes and at both ends of a smooth bend. With the use of stack plates and bolts they can be stacked in many multiples. These clamps are sold in complete units or as individual parts in light, heavy, or twin series. They are available with green polypropylene, aluminum or black rubber inserts and steel or stainless steel components. As a general guide only, the green polypropylene inserts are rated for -32°C (-25°F) to +93°C (200°F), while the aluminum inserts are suitable intermittently from -40°C (-40°F) to +260°C (500°F) in certain applications. Popular sizes are listed, other configurations are available.