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Hose and Tube Supports

Heavy duty tube support clamps are a convenient and reliable way for fastening tube, pipe and hose to a fixed point which will reduce system noise, vibration, and reduce damage caused by flex fatigue or surging - they are vital for long-term safety and performance of hydraulic systems (refer to the Technical Section at the back of this catalogue for proper hose routing instructions). They can be attached either with a weld plate, rail nuts (they slide into channel iron) or just fastened to a threaded hole. As a general guide for hydraulic applications, supports should be placed every 3ft for 3/16" - 3/8" tubing OD sizes, 5ft for 1/2" - 7/8" OD sizes, or 7ft for 1" - 1-1/4" OD sizes and at both ends of a smooth bend. With the use of stack plates and bolts they can be stacked in many multiples.