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Plant Washdown Hose - WTX

In addition to our washdown hoses, we carry a range of hose, fittings, expansion joints, valves, clamps, and components used in power generation facilities, sewage treatment plants, consumer product plants, household product plants, petroleum plants, chemical plants, food processing plants, pulp mills, sawmills, refineries, nuclear facilities, and many other industrial processing facilities. All these plants will utilize our hose, fittings, valves, and components for air, water, chemicals, materials, welding, steam, and hydraulics. We also carry a range of lighter duty commercial hose reels as well as heavy use hose reels which keep work areas clean, organized, safe, and efficient while also prolonging the life of hose assemblies. New-Line also offers a comprehensive hose certification program for testing critical application hoses prior to field use and at regular intervals thereafter.