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Aeroquip Braided Hydraulic Hose - HYTB

We offer a range of Aeroquip hydraulic hoses for many different applications, users must consider the system pressures, temperatures, weight, and flexibility required. Users must consider the critical nature of the application, downtime, and peace of mind when selecting a hydraulic hose and coupling supplier and distributor; all hydraulic hoses are NOT made the same even though they have the same SAE rating. Higher end brand hoses will typically be made to higher tolerances, better compounds, better resistance to various factors, added durability, enhanced engineering methods, and additional assurance of a proven system. With leading, innovative manufacturers such as Aeroquip, the market has seen improvements in hose design - such as more flexibility, lighter weight, higher temperature compounds, tougher covers, less manufacturing defects, and overall more durable products. Check out our Triple Crown hoses (highest temperature, pressure, and abrasion resistance over any other competitive hoses in its class), AQP hoses (operating temperatures up to 149°C (300°F)), and Brusier or Dura-Tuff covers (extremely abrasion resistance, eliminates the need for external wraps or sleeves in certain applications). Also our Matchmate system is a simple, 3-minute hose assembly system for those who would prefer to couple products in your own shop; we offer a range of crimpers and inventory support tools to help keep you moving! It should be noted that hose assemblies are an engineered system, contact us for important information on SAE J1273 compliance or view the handy information sheets in this section.