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Push-On Hydraulic Hose - HYL

Push-on hose is designed specifically for use with "push-on fittings" (no assembly tools, ferrules, or clamps required) to provide quick and easy installation or field repair of air, water, oil, lubricants, antifreeze, and other fluid lines. It is a relatively light and flexible rubber hose that can be easily routed in compact systems, or used in oily shops for general purpose air. Most popular colour is the standard black, however it is available in other colours for specific routing purposes. When used with "push-on fittings" (brass or stainless steel), its special hose reinforcement will grip the fitting tightly and permit working pressures typically up to 300 psi and burst pressures over 1000 psi (refer to specifications and temperature ranges, should be noted as temperatures rise, the rated working pressure of an assembly will drop). When using "push-on fittings" do not use any form of a clamp as it could distort the hose or reinforcement and actually decrease coupling integrity. Inserting "push-on fittings" into hose is somewhat more difficult than standard fitting as the barbs are larger and more defined; if doing many assemblies we also carry an insert machine (LOT-116).