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A1190-94C - LT PVC Air Breathing Assembly with 1AA Male NPT and QCs

NL1190 Safeline is a low-temperature, non-toxic, kink resistant, lightweight PVC textile reinforced hose that exceeds NIOSH air-supply line requirements and tests of Type C respirators as described in Table 8 to 42 CFR Part 84, subpart J including the test for permeation of hose by gasoline. Safeline also meets the requirements of section 25, ASTM D380-94(2006), low temperature tests on complete hose and is FDA compliant. This hose is not for use as a diver's hose, a NEMO hose, for self-contained air packs. Note: NIOSH only certifies complete breathing respirators and does not issue certifications on individual components, such as hoses. All replacement hoses for NIOSH-certified apparatus must have prior NIOSH certification as part of that unit.

Typical Fittings: WARNING: Custom Manufactured Factory Assemblies Only. All assemblies must be tested & certified and supplied with certificate. For sealing threaded fittings, only our N160-xxx Loctite 545 is recommended.

Construction: Tube: White, smooth PVC compound, formtulated in compliance with FDA CFR Title 21 parts 170-199. Cover: Non-toxic, UV and ozone-resistant black PVC compound with blue stripe. Reinforcement: Two layers of high tensile strength yarn.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +65°C (149°F)

Detail Comments: When using quick disconnect couplings, use "sleeve lock" series such as our NBS105-x-SL (brass) or NSS105-x-SL (stainless) to reduce the chance of accidental disconnection.

Notice: Hose TUBE must be kept clean, for air breathing, NOT DIVERS!

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1/4" X 50FT AB9603 <LT> PVC AIR BREATHING w/1AA MNPT & QC'S A1190025X50-94C
Call for Availability 6.83
1/4" X 100FT AB9603 <LT> PVC AIR BREATHING w/1AA MNPT & QC'S A1190025X100-94C
Call for Availability 13.08
3/8" X 50FT AB9603 <LT> PVC AIR BREATHING w/1AA MNPT & QC'S A1190038X50-94C
Call for Availability 10.42
3/8" X 100FT AB9603 <LT> PVC AIR BREATHING w/1AA MNPT & QC'S A1190038X100-94C
Call for Availability 19.72
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