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PVC & Urethane Food & Beverage Sanitary Hose - FDA

New-Line stocks food grade hose, fittings, and components that are used in wineries, breweries, food processing plants, beverage dispensing systems, municipal water supply, and for conveying food grade products from transportation trucks, railcars, silos, or systems. The components used in these applications cannot contaminate or impact the taste or quality of the product being conveyed - so very high quality, tightly controlled compounds must be used in manufacturing the hose, fitting, or component. We recommend using brand names with proven, reliable track records and ease of traceability. Depending on the application, some of these products will meet FDA, NSF, USDA, or Sanitary 3A standards. We carry a range of special sanitary fittings and stainless steel valves and components. For cleanup and washdown applications in plants, restaurants, or kitchens we also carry specialty high temperature washdown hoses, nozzles, and steam stations.