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Aeroquip 4S TTC Hydraulic Crimp Couplings - 037S

Eaton's next generation spiral hose fitting design, this new series of spiral hose fittings incorporate three major advancements to provide a robust, practical and complete engineered hose assembly system. When assembled with Eaton's spiral hose, you will have hose assemblies that meet all standard global industry specifications and their most demanding hydraulic applications. The "4S" name refers to the 4-spiral wire reinforcement of the hose approved to be coupled with the respective "4S" series crimp fittings. Crimp couplings must be installed by a fully trained assembler with appropriate machinery. Always confirm crimp ODs & tolerances. 4S Fittings are used on EC525 (in sizes -12 to -32 Only), GH493 (in sizes -12 to -32 Only), FC736 (in sizes -12 to -32 Only), FC273B (in sizes -12 to -16 Only), FC254 (in sizes -12 to -32 Only), FC500 (sizes -12 to -24), EC415 (sizes -12 to -32), EC600 (in size -12 Only) & EC810 (in sizes -12 to -16 Only).