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Hydraulic Crimp Coupling Fittings

Crimp coupling's quality is often overlooked when comparing brands or styles. It is important to demand a quality crimp coupling for a safe, secure, leak-free, productive work environment with limited downtime. Aeroquip offers a superior TTC (Thru-The-Cover) crimp coupling that is proven to be a tough, compact, reliable, and leak-free alternative to standard 'compress' crimp fittings on the market. The teeth inside Aeroquip TTC crimp shells actually bite through the cover of the hose and embed themselves into the wire reinforcement. This aggressive bite and robust construction also permit several other advantages: eliminating the need for skiving (speeds up assembly process) and allowing for a shorter crimp shell (creates a longer live length on assemblies for increased bending capabilities). All Aeroquip metal couplings & adapters are put through an advanced DURA-KOTE plating process to prevent corrosion and premature breakdown commonly seen on lower grade fittings. The new DURA-KOTE process far exceeds SAE J514 corrosion protection requirements for hydraulic fittings and unlike some lower end hydraulic couplings & adapters Aeroquip's DURA-KOTE plating process is completely hexavalent chromium-free. Hexavalent chromium is a common plating process used by lower end manufactures to plate & protect fittings against corrosion, however, from a health standpoint hexavalent chromium is the most toxic form of plating. In the US the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) lists hexavalent chromium as a hazardous air pollutant because it is a human carcinogen, a "priority pollutant" and under the Clean Water Act a "hazardous constituent". The high quality machining and mating surfaces of the TTC fittings permit a leak-free system, which complies with SAE J1176 Class Zero standards (specifies no cool-down leakage or indication of moisture). This is a very stringent requirement that helps maximize the efficiency and productivity of your equipment, as well as eliminates possible contamination of your system or environment. To date, no other crimp fitting on the market has been able to meet or match that standard. It should be noted that SAE governing standards state that mixing and matching of different manufacturer hydraulic hose, couplings, and crimping equipment is neither permitted nor recommended due to safety, tolerance, and liability reasons. Each assembly is an engineered system that goes through comprehensive testing and design in order to provide years of safe, leak-free, low maintenance service. Aeroquip's MatchMate Global hose & crimp fitting system makes selecting the correct SAE approved hose & crimp couplings simple!