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Fire & Forestry Fittings

The products and economic benefits that flow from the forest industry are an integral part of our daily lives and the international economy. Forestry and logging services include activities such as timber harvesting, sawmilling, silviculture and reforestation services. Pulp and Paper Manufacturing closely relies on the forestry industry for a regular supply of wood chips to make into cardboard, paper, newsprint, sanitary papers, packaging products, and a range of other items we use every day. New-Line services the Forestry Industry on everything from hydraulic lines on delimber equipment and fire hoses for standby protection to aviation hoses for fuelling helicopters and dust collector hoses in sawmills. There is a range of specialized, expensive equipment in the forestry industry and it is key that your forestry equipment has limited downtime, that is why we pride ourselves on supplying quality, reliable products and brand names at competitive prices.