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Bronze and Brass Gate & Globe Valves - 342

A gate valve is used to stop the flow of a moving fluid. They cannot be used to partially interrupt the flow (called throttling) and must be used in either the completely open or completely closed position. As opposed to a ball valve, gate valves (multi-turn) close slowly, eliminating the water hammer. A globe valve is used to regulate flow or throttle somewhere between the open and closed position (used where some flow resistance is acceptable). Globe valves offer a compression seal; when the stem is turned, the seat gets compressed, capable of providing a better seal. As of January 2014, brass fittings, pipe, and valves containing lead in excess of 0.25% will no longer be permitted for use in potable (drinking and cooking) water systems in Canada or the USA. This law applies only to products used to transfer water in systems which are directly for human consumption; it does NOT apply to any other application. Please refer to for further information on applications, products, optional materials, etc.