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Amflo Air / Pneumatic Filters, Regulators, Lubricators - 398A

Filters should be placed in the main line immediately after the compressor, as well as within 20ft of the equipment it will protect. To reduce the chance of failure, do not position polycarbonate bowls or sight glasses in areas subject to direct sunlight, abuse, impact, or temperatures outside of ratings; polycarbonate bowls also not compatible with certain detergents, solvents, chlorinated hydro-carbons, keytones, esters, certain alcohols, phosphate, turpentine, caustic soda, acids, and many other fluids. Our regulators are used in compressed air tool systems only (NOT water) to maintain a nearly constant outlet pressure despite changes in inlet pressure. They are not meant for "precision" instrumentation. Excessive air pressures can cause excess torque, force, wear, and wasted compressor air. Regularly inspect FRL's for maintenance.