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Thread Sealant, PTFE Tape, and Paste

When using thread sealants, apply a 360° bead to the male end only and do not apply to the first thread to prevent any paste or tape from falling into the line (threads must be clean before applying). Do not over-tighten threads as it could be just as ineffective as insufficient tightening. As a general rule, on 1/8" - 2" sizes, hand tighten components and then tighten 3 more full turns with a wrench. For 2-1/2" sizes and above, hand tighten components and tighten 2 more full turns. When attaching aluminum to aluminum or stainless to stainless, the parts could gall or seize easily making it very difficult, if not impossible, to disassemble the parts. NOTE: Many sealants require time to cure.

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