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Hose Cleaning Launchers, Projectiles, Capsules - 085

The Eliminator HTP cleaning system is designed to remove foreign particles, dust, residue, rust, or grime from new or used hose, tube or pipe. It should be noted that all new hose, tubing and pipe will have many particle contaminants that will mix with fluids and lead to reduced performance, clogging of filters, and premature failure of systems. We offer 2 different cleaning "launcher" guns and a bench mount gun. The CT-CE-X1 general shop gun is for hose, tube or pipe up to 1-1/4" size, and the CT-CE1-U premium production gun handles up to 2". We offer several convenient turnkey "kits" that include a launcher, accessories, certain nozzles, etc. The Eliminator system only requires a standard compressed air source (80-110psi).