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Safety Bulletin - Aircraft & Automobile Applications

New-Line DOES NOT ASSEMBLE, OR REPAIR hoses for Aircrafts, Automobiles, Light Trucks, & SUVs, such as:

  • Any products used on or within any form of aircraft, including hydraulics
  • Automotive Hydraulic Brake & Clutch
  • Automotive Power Steering, Oil Cooler, & Transmission Lines
  • Pre-formed/Custom Molded Radiator, Coolant, or Heater hoses

Typically these hoses have unique configurations, bends, coupling, and certification/testing specifications. Such hoses, fittings, valves, etc should be sourced from the OEM or aftermarket parts suppliers that specialize in those vehicles or aircraft, and have manufacturer authorization and insurance to do so.

We do have a selection of SAE Automotive Grade Heater, Coolant, and Fuel Line hose that we indeed stock and sell in bulk (which crossover into small engines found in industrial applications), however we do NOT "couple or repair" such hoses for autos or light trucks/SUVs. We do not sell any hoses that are certified for use within or on any form of aircraft.

We DO SUPPLY some Industrial & Hydraulic Grade Hose Products for use in on and off highway Heavy Trucks and Equipment (such as Air Brake, Heater, Coolant, Turbo Charger, Transmission, & Fuel), however, such Heavy Truck & Equipment products may not be suitable for Automotive & Light Truck/SUV applications as the sizes, end configurations, bends, custom shapes, assembly, and testing specifications may be different. Per SAE Standards we DO NOT REPAIR any "used" hydraulic hoses, auto/truck hoses, or any critical application hoses for that matter. "Used or failed hoses" should be replaced, not repaired.