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A2200-01 - Green EPDM Transfer Hose with Female x Male Camlocks

NL2200 is commonly used in agricultural, construction, and mining applications for water, light sludge, effluents or other liquids where chemical and "external" abrasion resistance is required (not designed for potable water or transfer of foodstuffs). It is a popular septic tank cleaning hose because it is lightweight, flexible, and very easily handled (even at low temperatures) and is typically not designed for abrasive transfer. Its unique polyethylene helix reduces dragging friction and permits the hose to be maneuvered on the ground easily. We also offer the NL2205 K-Series brand for users who prefer a higher quality option. It is formulated/constructed differently for added flexibility, wider temperature range, and better performance characteristics in certain applications. You can tell them apart by the tube (NL2200 is solid black tube while the NL2205 has a black/green tube). It is also available in Blue/Black (NL2210), Red/Black (NL2212), or Yellow/Black (NL2214).

Typical Fittings: Camlocks, N10-GS combination nipples, N310-AL short shanks, strainers, N52 punch clamps, various bolt clamps.

Construction: Tube: Smooth Black EPDM. Cover: Slightly corrugated green polyethylene helix with black EPDM between.

Temperature Range: -35°C (-30°F) to +60°C (140°F)

Detail Comments: This hose is not designed for permanent installation in piping systems, especially in short lengths for pump connectors, generators, chillers, HVAC units, or other applications where hard pipe, expansion joints, or stainless steel braided hoses are typically used.

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1-1/2" X 20FT GREEN EPDM TRANSFER HOSE w/CxE CAMLOCK A2200150X20-01 $81.45
Call for Availability 11.20
2" X 10FT GREEN EPDM TRANSFER HOSE w/CxE CAMLOCK A2200200X10-01 $67.94
Call for Availability 8.93
2" X 20FT GREEN EPDM TRANSFER HOSE w/CxE CAMLOCK A2200200X20-01 $107.51
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 16.11
3" X 20FT GREEN EPDM TRANSFER HOSE w/CxE CAMLOCK A2200300X20-01 $179.52
A - Very Common Item - Good Stock 28.41
4" X 20FT GREEN EPDM TRANSFER HOSE w/CxE CAMLOCK A2200400X20-01 $279.19
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 42.43
6" X 20FT GREEN EPDM TRANSFER HOSE w/CxE CAMLOCK A2200600X20-01 $638.69
C - Less Common Item 92.11
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