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A1449-20 - Orange Serpent Garden Hose 150 PSI/Male & Female GHT

Serpent™ is an amazingly flexible abrasion resistant garden hose which provides a durable alternative to heavier rubber hoses. Serpent™ is priced similar to traditional PVC hoses but offers many advantages - seeing is believing. It is extremely light-in-weight, easy to handle (especially in cold weather) and provides superior abrasion resistance when dragged. In recent years the market has moved towards enhanced "food grade-safe materials" in garden hoses. We are doing a rolling change to these standards on the following colours only: Blue (NL1446), Pink (NL1442), and Green (NL1445).

Typical Fittings: Comes with standard brass male x female garden hose threaded ends with PVC bend restrictors at the fittings. Brass or nylon garden hose fittings, brass FBL ferrules, pinch clamps, gear clamps. N511/512/N400L/N176 Long barbs/Ferrules for larger sizes at higher temps/pressures.

Construction: Tube: High grade, low-temp, hybrid thermoplastic polymer. Cover: High grade, hybrid thermoplastic polymer.

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +65°C (149°F)

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
5/8" X 25ft ORANGE SERPENT GARDEN HOSE 150 PSI W/M&F GHT A1449063X25-20
C - Less Common Item 4.67
5/8" X 50ft ORANGE SERPENT GARDEN HOSE 150 PSI W/M&F GHT A1449063X50-20
A - Very Common Item - Good Stock 8.71
5/8" X 75ft ORANGE SERPENT GARDEN HOSE 150 PSI W/M&F GHT A1449063X75-20
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 12.74
5/8" X 100ft ORANGE SERPENT GARDEN HOSE 150 PSI W/M&F GHT A1449063X100-20
B - Common Item - Moderate Stock 16.77
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