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A2405063X1-20W - 5/8" x 6" Faucet Kink Guard for Garden Hose

This is a 6" long garden hose whip (NOT for use with air and not for food grade applications) with a heavy duty spring guard on it to maintain water flow and eliminate hose kinks at the faucet - thereby prolonging the life of the main garden hose line as well. It can be used on any type of garden hose (ie. rubber, PVC, etc.) however this particular item is not FDA approved or designed for food grade service (we can make up these whips in a food grade hose as well).

Typical Fittings: Comes with standard brass male x female garden hose threaded ends.

Construction: Tube: Smooth, green PVC. Cover: Smooth, green PVC. Reinforcement: Spiraled synthetic yarn and a plated steel spiral wire spring guard.

Temperature Range: -4°C (25°F) to +52°C (126°F)

Detail Comments: Available in retail display packs (Prefix X).

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
5/8" X 6in GARDEN HOSE WHIP w/SPRING GUARD A2405063X1-20W $8.78
C - Less Common Item 0.32
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