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Clear PVC & Vinyl Tubing - TUB

Clear vinyl tubing is an economical option used for low pressure transfer or draining of water (including potable), juices, beer, wine, soft drinks, air, laboratory tubing, or to transfer soaps, mild chemicals, and acids (NOT designed for petroleum fluids, refer to NL5550/5570 polyurethane). It is a light, smooth, crystal clear tubing that allows full view of the materials being conveyed (for other colours, consider using our NL5550/5570 series polyurethane - applications may vary). Our clear vinyl tubing is a non-toxic tubing made from virgin materials manufactured with FDA compliant compounds and meets USDA, Sanitary 3A, NSF, and California Proposition 65 requirements. NL5430 is self extinguishing and has a Shore A 73 durometer rating; we also offer a 68-70 durometer (NL5420) for specialty applications where a softer tubing is required (min quantities may apply).