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Aeroquip Synflex Hydraulic Thermoplastic Hose: R7,R8,R17,R18 - HYX

Thermoplastic hydraulic hoses are used in certain hydraulic control applications where low volumetric expansion properties are desired for more precise actions or control - such as for precision gauging, pilot lines, steering lines, grease systems, as well as other applications which cannot be subject to conductivity (use around power lines) or where moisture cannot be present, such as for spray foam. As with "rubber" hydraulic hose, not all brands of thermoplastic hydraulic hoses are built the same even though they may meet the same SAE specifications. Higher end brand hoses will typically be made to higher tolerances, better compounds, better resistance to various factors, added durability, enhanced engineering methods, and additional assurance of a proven system. With leading, innovative manufacturers such as Aeroquip, the market has seen improvements in hose design - such as more flexibility, lighter weight, higher temperature compounds, tougher covers, less manufacturing defects, and overall more durable products.