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Pressure Washer and Waterblast Hose

Pressure washer hoses are available in a range of different qualities. We offer cost-effective options for intermittent home or light industrial use right up to aggressive, hourly use in abusive, hot, oily or greasy environments. Users must look at the maximum rated working pressures and temperatures of pressure washer hose, as well as understand the abrasion and oil resistance properties of the hose cover as some pressure washer applications are subject to lots of oils and abrasion/dragging. As a general rule, a lower price point pressure washer hose will not withstand lots of heat, abrasion, or oil. Standard pressure washer hoses are black in colour however blue and grey hoses provide better resistance to marking or leaving colour stains when dragged around tight corners or edges. We offer a range of pre-made pressure washer hose assemblies as well as various quick connects or end configurations are available. In recent years we have added a range of pressure washer accessories, wands, hose reels, and spray tips to our stock.