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NL4385 - #1171GG PTFE Lined Marinemaster Composite Hose - 250 PSI

Our PTFE Lined Composite Chemical Transfer has the same handling characteristics as our other composite transfer hoses, but this hose incorporates PTFE films for more durability when handling aggressive chemicals (refer to chemical charts). Its PTFE composition also permits higher operating temperatures. Our NL4380 Marinemaster SG Dock hose is typically used for chemicals while the NL4385 Marinemaster GG Dock hose is typically used for high temperature petroleum unloading.

Temperature Range: -30°C (-22°F) to +100°C (212°F)or higher depending on product being converyed

Notice: Critical application, follow cplg/maintenance procedures

Cut Method: Hacksaw & Side Snips for Wire - Wear Safety Gloves

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