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NL1086 - Red Urethane Self Coiling Hose with Male NPT Ends

If you are tired of tangled self coiling hoses that no longer retract, then this hose may be your solution. Polyurethane self coiling air hose is suitable for shop air, water, lubricating oils, and many chemicals (not for air brakes). It is commonly seen in service stations, paint shops, maintenance shops, dispensing units, cleaning racks, etc. It is also used as a retractable water spray hose in nurseries, greenhouses, or in marinas (not food grade). This compact, resilient hose will outlast and outperform conventional nylon self coiling. It is easier to work with and will bounce back into its original shape when kinked or crushed. It is a non-marking, oil (RMA Class A) and abrasion resistant hose that is highly recommended. The working length is approximately 80% of actual length and all assemblies come with heat shrink scuff guards. We prefer to carry the "ether-based" polyurethane over the more economical "ester-based" as the ether has better memory/retractibility, low temperature flexibility, and it will not absorb moisture. Each coil is packaged individually for retail display and other colours are available upon request (min 10 pcs per part #). We commonly stock the standard blue with male NPT ends, but it is also available upon special order, in red (NL1086), yellow (NL1087), or clear (NL1089, blue tint). Some users also prefer our NL1088 Kuri-Tec brand blue urethane made from high quality urethane which offers better flex-fatigue and re-coil memory (popular assemblies listed below). For watering applications, we stock the NL1085 blue with garden hose ends as well. This hose is NOT for use as a DOT air brake hose, refer to our NL580 Series.

Typical Fittings: Each coil comes complete with permanent crimped brass solid x swivel male NPT or male x female garden hose ends (with bend restrictor sleeves each end). For repairs use standard brass barbs with brass ferrules or our N1085-xxx-xxx(SW) ends.

Construction: Permanently coiled ether-based polyurethane (NL1085 blue, NL1086 red, NL1087 yellow).

Temperature Range: -40°C (-40°F) to +80°C (176°F); Lower quality Ester rated -28°C

Cut Method: HD Safety Scissors or Box/Blade Cutter - Wear Safety Gloves

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1/4" X 15FT RED URETHANE RECOIL 125 w/MALE NPT NL1086-025X15
C - Less Common Item 0.65
1/4" X 25FT RED URETHANE RECOIL 125 w/MALE NPT NL1086-025X25
C - Less Common Item 1.00
1/4" X 50FT RED URETHANE RECOIL 125 w/MALE NPT NL1086-025X50
Call for Availability 0.00
3/8" X 15FT RED URETHANE RECOIL w/1/4" MALE NPT NL1086-038X15
Call for Availability 1.40
3/8" X 25FT RED URETHANE RECOIL w/1/4" MALE NPT NL1086-038X25
Call for Availability 2.20
3/8" X 50FT RED URETHANE RECOIL w/1/4" MALE NPT NL1086-038X50
Call for Availability 0.00
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