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A1170-73 - PVC Air Breathing Hose/1/4" Quick Connects and Sleeve Lock

NL1170 is a non-toxic, kink resistant, lightweight PVC textile reinforced hose that is used in general Type C air supply lines, paint spray booths, indoor in plant air service, outdoor open air service and to connect manifolds to masks (NOT for diver's air or for use in Alberta). This hose will satisfy the "offgassing test" as described in MIL-H-2815F (sections 3.12.2 & 4.5.10), and when properly coupled, this hose will satisfy the air supply line requirements of Type C respirators. This hose is not for use as a diver's hose, a NEMO hose, for self-contained air packs, or for use in sour gas applications. It does meet FDA and RoHS requirements and we offer it in a standard temperature as well as a low temp version. NIOSH only certifies complete breathing respirators and does not issue certifications on individual components, such as hoses. All replacement hoses for NIOSH-certified apparatus must have prior NIOSH certification as part of that unit.

Typical Fittings: N400-BR brass or stainless hose barbs, FBL brass FBL ferrules. When inserting fittings, it is recommended not to use lubricants which may contaminate the line. For sealing threaded fittings, only our N160-xxx Loctite 545 is recommended.

Construction: Tube: Clear, smooth PVC compound, formulated in compliance with FDA CFR Title 21 parts 170-199. Cover: Non-toxic, UV and ozone-resistant black PVC compound. Reinforcement: High tensile strength yarn.

Temperature Range: -26°C (-15°F) to +65°C (149°F)

Detail Comments: When using quick disconnect couplings, use "sleeve lock" series such as our HAN3000-SL to reduce the chance of accidental disconnection.

Notice: Hose TUBE must be kept clean, for air breathing.

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
3/8" X 50FT <PVC> AIR BREATHING w/1/4" IND QD w/SLEEVE LOCK A1170038X50-73ISL
Call for Availability 7.44
3/8" X 100FT PVC AIR BREATHING w/1/4" IND QD w/SLEEVE LOCK A1170038X100-73ISL
Call for Availability 14.44
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