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Modular Tubing - TUM

Modular hose line can snap and adjust into place for specific directional control. You can form the "elements" into various shapes and lengths. It is used for various coolant lines on machinery, air dusting applications, aquarium lines, machinery vacuum lines, EDM flushing lines, and other instrumentation applications. It can be bent and flexed many times and it won't kink, fatigue, or creep due to machine vibration. Its Acetal co-polymer construction resists various chemicals, coolants, detergents, solvents, and petroleum based fluids like oil, grease, and gasoline (NL5920 is NOT resistant to acids, refer to [NL5930] series for acid resistant modular tubing). Modular tubing is only designed for LOW PRESSURE applications and it is not leak-proof - it may leak depending on pressures or angles. Pressure ratings vary depending on operating temperatures, length of line, diameter of nozzle, and the bending angle. Always test application prior to field/production use.