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Layflat Water Discharge Hose

As with the Water Suction Section, we stock large quantities of softwall or layflat discharge hoses for moving volumes of water, wastewater, non-critical mild chemical solutions, or other fluids. Refer to the Fire Hose Section for fire protection hoses, and refer to the Food Hose Section for transferring drinkable fluids. When selecting a "Water Discharge Hose", one must consider the frequency of use, whether the hose will be subject to external abuse, dragging, or elements; as a general guide in the case of water discharge hoses, lower priced products are designed for homeowner applications and higher priced products would be used in more aggressive industrial applications on construction sites, mines, mills, or plants. For each hose style we also stock a range of fittings, clamps, and accessories to be used across any application. If a water discharge hose will be subject to driving over by vehicles, please consider using our "hose bridges or protective ramps". We stock all sorts of small and large water fittings, camlocks, quick couplings, strainers, valves, clamps, and hoses which are used on all sorts of farms throughout the world.