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Braided Metal Hose - Welded - MTS

Stainless braided hose is a corrugated stainless steel tube (helical corrugation on sizes to 1" and annular corrugation on larger sizes) with external stainless braiding. It is commonly used in high temperature or highly corrosive applications where a rubber hose is not suitable. It is also popular in "permanent" piping installations and short lengths (jumper) in potable water, cooling, steam, or other liquid applications where a "rubber hose" does not provide enough flexibility or a long enough service life (ie. rubber and plastics will degrade when subject to the elements). Our standard is the 321SS tube with the 304SS single braided reinforcement (also available in double braided part #SD). The braiding acts as a reinforcement to increase pressure ratings and prevent elongation - it is not designed to withstand dragging or abuse. It is also available with no reinforcement (part SU) for vacuum or drain lines. In order to reduce the chance of failure, metal hoses cannot be "twisted/ torqued" or flexed on more than one plane - special care must be used during installation. Also, when flow velocity exceeds a certain value, resonant vibration can occur in hoses and lead to premature failure (increasing the hose ID or use of a liner can combat this problem). If vibration is severe, contact us for application information. For CSA approved hoses (CR96-001) in propane, natural gas or anhydrous ammonia applications with pipe thread, use Sch80 Male NPT ends (not standard Sch40 male NPT) and assemblies must be tested/certified (part # TPGAS-). CSA also requires hoses 3" to 6" to be double braided for propane or natural gas applications. We can also provide CRN numbers (Canadian Registration Number for Provincial Boilers Safety Association) for an additional charge (part # TCRN-xxx). These are typically required for steam hose assemblies used in connection with any boiler, pressure vessel, or pressure piping system. We also offer metal hoses for specialty applications, such as Chlorine, high-pressure liquid nitrogen, oxygen, cryogenic, anhydrous ammonia, and others. Some of these hoses must be cleaned, degreased, capped, and bagged after fabrication.