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NL9790 - Yellow Double Jacket Snow Blowing Hose

A9790 is a lightweight textile fire hose used on low-temperature snow-making equipment, but can also be used for water discharge or washdown in off-winter seasons at resorts. It is designed with a 1200 psi burst pressure for added safety and will remain flexible at temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F) and functional to -51°C (-60°F). This is an easily handled, durable hose that is resistant to absorption, mildew, rot, weathering, ozone, and abrasion. Our Snow Hose typically comes with high pressure, hardcoat aluminum camlock ends or with hardcoat aluminum threaded ends. DO NOT use this hose with standard camlocks due to the pressure rating.

Cut Method: HD Safety Scissors or Box/Blade Cutter - Wear Safety Gloves

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1-1/2" YELLOW 400# DJ SNOW BLOWING HOSE NL9790-150 Call for Pricing Call for Availability 0.21
2" YELLOW 400# DJ SNOW BLOWING HOSE NL9790-200 Call for Pricing Call for Availability 0.28
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