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A9701-102 - Interior Rack Mount (Folded) Fire Protection/Brass Ends

NL9701 is a very light duty (ULC listed), all-polyester single jacket hose stored in wall cabinets for the interior fire protection of buildings or plants. It is a compact, easily stored hose that is resistant to mildew and ozone. This hose is designed for stand-by interior fire protection only and is not for use as a washdown hose. Popular assemblies are listed below. ULC labelling is available from the factory with a surcharge.

Typical Fittings: N9711/9712 brass rack hose expansion couplings (chrome also available).

Construction: Tube: Desmopan urethane. Jacket: Single jacket all-polyester, circular plain weave (pin-folded to fit on racks).

Notice: Fire prevention hose, ensure coupled/maintained safely.

Product Name SKU Price Add to Cart Availability Weight (lbs)
1-1/2" X 50FT RACK HOSE w/BRASS MxF NPSH - 16 FOLD A9701150X50-102
C - Less Common Item 6.49
1-1/2" X 75FT RACK HOSE w/BRASS MxF NPSH - 19-21 FOLD A9701150X75-102
C - Less Common Item 8.99
1-1/2" X 100FT RACK HOSE w/BRASS MxF NPSH- 24-25FOLD A9701150X100-102
C - Less Common Item 11.49
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