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PVC & Vinyl Ducting Hose - DCP

"Ducting hoses" are typically lighter in weight, thin wall, extremely flexible, and designed solely for blower type applications to move product, as compared to heavier duty "material handling hoses" which have a thicker wall and are used in pump-type applications. Economical ducting hoses with a vinyl or PVC wall are normally used for dust or air, while ducting hoses made of urethane materials or rubber can be used for pellets, chips, and more abrasive products in a blower application. We also offer higher temperature rubber or silicone ducting hoses as well as ducting hoses designed for corrosive fumes. Most ducting hoses are installed on machinery and supported in the air and do not require "external wear strips"; if the ducting hose will be subject to external dragging, vibration, or abrasion then make sure it is protected or includes an external wear strip or hardened helix - otherwise the thin wall of a ducting hose will wear out prematurely. When conveying pellets, materials, chips, or any abrasive type products, make sure they hose is rotated during field use to permit even wear on the hose tube and less build up.